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Integrated Theory of Consciousness.

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Pages: 364

Language: English

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Publisher: Millington House Publishing (17 Dec. 2013)

By: Dr. Roger D Blomquist M.D. (Author)

Anyone who is searching for a complete understanding of our reality should read this book and study the theory. It is the only comprehensive explanation to date that integrates all facets of our existence into one grand unified worldview. It explains how consciousness and intelligence, not only interact with matter - energy and space - time, but are also an integral and inseparable part. It is the only theory presented so far that accounts for all aspects of our physical and mental reality which until recently have been viewed as separate entities. The most basic premise of the theory postulates that there was one homogeneous virtually infinitely energetic substance at the origin of the universe with the initial emergent properties of Matter-energY, Space-Time and Intelligence-Consciousness which might be referred to by the acronym 'MYSTIC' giving the same comic relief as the term 'Big Bang' for the origin of the universe. These six properties were totally and completely integrated and interdependent. Consciousness - intelligence began directing this basic substance from its simplistic origin to the extraordinarily complex state that the universe currently exists. It began approximately 13.7 billion years ago from a state of near infinite contraction and has been in a state of continual expansion and evolution ever since. The theory combines our current understanding of quantum mechanics, general relativity along with consideration of super string theory, the evolution of animal and plant life from simple to complex forms and how this relates to consciousness culminating in ordinary states of human consciousness as well as the currently recognized supraconsciousness states. The presence of the latter allows for any and all psychic phenomenon that many people have described. This could act as a firm basis for any future 'theory of everything' since it not only embraces physics with quantum mechanics and general relativity but necessarily includes consciousness as a primary integral part of the concept. Most neuroscientists view consciousness and intelligence as an epiphenomenon that is manufactured by the electrochemical events that occur within the brain, however this conclusion is not unanimous. I would respectfully disagree with this conclusion and unequivocally state that consciousness and intelligence are primary universal ingredients and any theory that fails to recognize this assertion will ultimately fail to be correct. The theory presented, I believe, is supported by individuals quoted in the text which include the following: Alain Aspect, Robert Augros, Cleve Baxter, Ian Baldwin, Itzhak Bentov, David Bohm, Niels Bohr, Barbara Brown, Jeremy Campbell, Fritjof Capra, Eric Chaisson, David Chalmers, Massimo Citro, Peter Coveney, Charles Darwin, Paul Davies, Richard Dawkins, Kingsley Dennis, Marcel Dicke, Hoimar Ditfurth, Freeman Dyson, Arthur Eddington, Albert Einstein, Marilyn Ferguson, Alexander Friedman, Howard Gardner, Lila Gatlin, Stephen J. Gould, Stanislav Grof, Alan Guth, Willis Harman, Stephen Hawking, Werner Heisenberg, Roger Highfield, Douglas Hofstadter, Fred Hoyle, Edwin Hubble, Michael Hutchison, Carroll Izard, Julian Jaynes, George Johnson, Rolf Landaur, Ervin Laszlo, David Layzer, Richard Leakey, Abraham Maslow, Stephen C. Meyer, JG Miller, Edgar Mitchell, Andrew Newberg, Isaac Newton, Heinz Pagels, Kenneth Pelletier, Roger Penrose, Michael Persinger, Max Planck, Fritz - Albert Popp, Ilya Prigogine, Richard Restak, Carl Sagan, Irwin Schrodingers, Gerald L. Schroeder, Gary Schwartz, Tom Siegfried, Rupert Sheldrake, George Stanciu, Leonard Susskind, Michael Talbot, Charles Tart, Frank T. Verstosick, Evan Harris Walker, Lyall Watson, Andrew Weil, Fred Wolf, JZ Young, Louis Young, Gary Zukov. The author's entire proceeds go to New Horizons Crisis Center. This is a shelter for abused women and their children in Richfield Utah.

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